Introducing Students to Trades Careers

A 2014 survey conducted by RIGID revealed that 94 percent of students nationwide (ages 14-18) said they weren’t interested in the trades, citing these top reasons:

  • Many say they don’t know enough about it
  • Others don’t believe there are a lot of job opportunities
  • They don’t think it’s cool
  • Some think it’s not high tech enough

Those same students were surveyed again after being accurately educated about the trades, and a whopping 77 percent of them said they were interested in these types of careers.

The Mike Rowe Works Foundation said it best, “Pop culture has glorified the “corner office job” while unintentionally belittling the jobs that helped build the corner office. As a result, our society has devalued any other path to success and happiness.”

So, Why Choose a Career in Construction?

A sizable majority of the construction workforce is nearing retirement age. This presents a massive opportunity for the new workforce. Likewise, young people need to know that there is high demand and great future potential that comes with a career in construction. These jobs are essential to the economy; they always will be. There’s something to be said for doing honest, hands-on work. 

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