Municipal & Heavy Contractors

Founded in 1989 by father-son duo Louie and Jeff Johnson, Dakota Underground Co, Inc. does municipal sewer & water utilities, earthmoving, grading, concrete paving, curb & gutter, concrete structures, and water transmission pipelines.

We work diligently behind the scenes to secure low bid contracts with cities in and around the tri-state area. Each construction season brings new and exciting additions to our portfolio of 300+ projects. 

We are known throughout the community as a reliable municipal contractor who produces great results at swift timelines. This reputation is a testament to the hardworking men and women of our company, and the legacy left behind by Louie and his passion for quality construction done the right way.

Louie (right), Jeff (middle) & Jake Johnson, 2008


Our superior pavements are designed to last 25-30 years in the most diverse climate conditions. Concrete pavement is considered a green practice for many reasons, one being the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from production compared to a hot mix asphalt. On top of being environmentally friendly, concrete paving is also more cost-effective in the long-term solution for road construction.

What We Do

Concrete paving
Curb and gutter
Concrete structures
Multi-use path

Equipment Used

Slipform pavers
Belt placers
Grade trimmers
Curb machines
Turf cart/cure sprayer
Roller screeds

Dirt Moving

We use state-of-the-art GPS grade control systems which allow our employees to move materials accurately, quickly and safely. Once removed from a natural state, we are able to truck off excess materials or bring new materials on site. This is a low-cost, economical way to move materials fast. With earthmoving comes an environmental concern which we do not take lightly. Our key personnel have been trained in respective areas for erosion control and stormwater management.

What We Do

Fine grading
Site work

Equipment Used

Wheel loaders
Crawler tractor dozers
Skid steer loaders
Dump trucks


Dakota Underground was founded as a municipal sewer and water utilities contractor. We are able to do an array of complex utility services, and our experience diminishes some of the ambiguity involved with underground utilities. Conditions vary from site to site and our experience prevails where unseen conditions may arise.

What We Do

Water mains
Sanitary sewer
Storm sewer

Equipment Used

Hydraulic excavators
Crawler tractor dozers
Wheel loaders
Skid steer loaders
Sheepsfoot Compactors

We Want You To

join our crew.

hardworking laborers

We’re always encouraging hard workers to join our crews for construction season. No experience required for laborers.

full-time students

Some of our employees are full-time college students and work part-time in the fall. We can accommodate your schedule.

equipment operators

If you're interested in heavy equipment operating but don't have the experience, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Start as a laborer, learn on the job and move up from there. Our people are rewarded for learning the business from the ground up.