I joined Dakota Underground’s office crew in 2023, but this company has been special to me since I was born. My dad and grandpa, Jeff and Louie Johnson, were two of the most inspiring people to me growing up. I admired their unending work ethic, integrity, resilience and dedication to their dream. But it was the love they had for each other and for our family that inspired me the most. It fills me with pride to now be working for my dad and sharing with the world how incredible this company and its people are.

I received my bachelor’s degree in marketing from North Dakota State University in 2020. As our Marketing Manager, I run our website, social media, branding and marketing for recruitment purposes. I also take on other tasks to help with project/office management, bidding, paperwork and more. Though I’m in the office most of the time, you might see me around job sites with my dad or our project manager, Jared!

Jeff & Lacie Johnson (2000)
Louie & Jeff with Katie, Lacie & Halle (2002)
Louie & Grandkids Katie, Jake, Halle and Lacie
(left to right), 2004
Johnson Family (2005)
Louie & Lacie Johnson (2013)
Johnson Family (2020)